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Each number 'box' has a hidden amount of Loyalty Points inside. The winner of the game



When bingo is called, and the winning player is not in the room, the first present


Higher or Lower

The full house winner chooses whether the first number of the next game is higher or


Blankety Blank

The Chat Host types a sentence or title of something but leaves a space blank for


Duck Hunting

When you hear the number 22 called - "two little ducks" - simply type "DUCK" into


Slug Bug

Watch the bingo board for the first double digit to be called (11, 22, 33, 44



Pick one B number (1-18) and two O numbers (73-90). When all of your numbers appear



Select a number 1 - 90 and when a block of 6 is created including your


2 Fat Ladies

If the number '88' is called the first 4 players to type '2 Fat Ladies' win


Pop the Balloon

Players choose a number between 1 and 90; this number is their 'balloon'. When their number


Important Information affecting customers located in the the UK ONLY


Unfortunately as of 14th February 2017 Glamour Bingo will No longer accepts players from the UK.  

If you are an existing member, you may login to request a withdrawal of your balance.  All withdrawals will be processed as usual and in accordance to our standard T&C’s. 


Our games will continue to operate as normal for all our customers based outside of the UK.


For any additional questions or clarification please feel free to contact our customer support team at

  For an alternative UK bingo site, please visit Empire Bingo (

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